One Halloween, a group of white kids got candy apples from a house. C.C. and his group went to the same house and were given a slice of bacon wrapped in aluminum foil. Les was a master craftsman and had a detached windowless 40 by 10 foot work shop that had every tool you could imagine. Observing C.C.’s curiosity, he welcomed him into the shop. He taught C.C. how to create objects to scale simply by looking at pictures and “seeing” it in your mind – the art of visualization. By chance, one of Les Combs masterpieces was a basketball hoop made entirely by hand, which intrigued seven-year old C.C. upon first notice. Les helped C.C. create a scale version of a regulation basketball hoop that year, which was a necessity, since C.C. kept getting into trouble for taking his mother's shoeboxes out of her closet - cutting a hole in the bottom - hanging it over doorways – rolling two socks together into a ball and taking his best shots. His mother knew exactly who was taking the shoeboxes and began calling him “Fingerprint” since he was so easy to trace. She worked hard as a house cleaner for families and although limited in her education, she had an incredible heart and was extremely creative. 

C.C. drew on his mother’s instinctive creativity and the hands-on teachings of Les Combs when he created his miniature hoops design, actually using official nets, which replaced the shoeboxes on the door and this, long before the introduction of the Nerf Basketball Hoop. As many would say over the years, “Someone should have got the kid a lawyer.” His love of basketball never wavered, although as a 5'2 freshman, topping out at 105 pounds, even with huge hands and a size 13 shoe, he never made the cut. He was given a break his sophomore year in high school when he became the basketball, football and track team manager, lettering in all three sports. 

C.C. kept assuring those around him, including his parents, that he would have a growth spurt, however, all were beginning to doubt. Suffice it to say that he did sprout and earned his college degree under a basketball scholarship. He was the consummate dreamer, even when dreams were in short supply. C.C.’s life is a storybook about how ones belief in themselves, their positive attitude, projected vision and continuous struggle, no matter what the odds or what say the odds makers, with near certainty, will find the path that leads them to success. And success is what he most often finds in all of his endeavors. Highlighted as an entrepreneur, neologist and visionary, C.C.  was spotlighted in Sports Illustrated, appeared on numerous television broadcasts, both in the United States and Canada as well as featured in numerous press articles across the country. 

One of his many creations, “Shooter” and “Dream” hosted the opening ceremonies for the 1994 World Championships of Basketball in Toronto, Canada with television star Alan Thicke. From the early days of inventing the “Hoops Miniature Basketball Machine,” to becoming the best miniature basketball shooter in the world, to the creation of  “Shooter”, C.C. has a knack for creating, marketing and entertaining others, all while supporting causes which help people who have little hope for tomorrow. He has performed at Disney World, Six Flag Theme Parks, NBA games and with the Harlem Globetrotters halftime shows. His creations, “Shooter” and “Dream” also visited homeless shelters, children’s hospitals and put on assemblies throughout greater Los Angeles. It is his love for others that led C.C. to recognize the opportunity to use entrepreneurship to bring change and hope for a better tomorrow to those less fortunate than he, which has become the focus of his adult life. 

C.C.’s favorite quote is: "Help is not something you experience. It is something that you never forget". C.C.'s early heroes were not sports stars, rather those, like Walt Disney, who used his business acumen to bring joy and laughter into the world. He loved the man for doing so! Later in life, he studied the habits of Wal-Mart Founder Sam Walton and Warren Buffet, wanting to know what made them so different and so successful. To C.C., the answer was clear, you simply must BELIEVE! It is from this vast array of experience, this steadfast belief that there can be a better tomorrow, no matter what the odds, which has led C.C. to his present inspiration and vision – the founding of A4BET.

Who We Are

​A4BET was created to let the world know Alphabet Inc. & Google are the BEST!!!  A4BET provides a place to experience "Everything Alphabet Inc. & Google"!!! Our founder, C.C. Alexander II, was raised in Murfreesboro, Tennessee during the racially tense period of the 1960’s. His grandfather, Booker T. Alexander Sr., was born during slavery in 1859. His father, the Reverend C.C. Alexander Sr., was born in 1915 as a sharecropper. He would often tell “Little C.C.” stories about how on Christmas his one gift was an orange and an apple, along with the one pair of shoes that were to last the year. The work ethic was ingrained in all of the stories told by the Reverend and anything short of it was not to be tolerated. His father taught him always to share and at times, share your very last. A favorite saying by the Reverend was, “Let go; let God". Another of C.C.’s early mentors was Les Combs, one of the very few white families not to move when the neighborhood drew black homeowners. Racial tension was everywhere in the worst human form. 

"Alphabet Inc. & Google Co-founders Larry Page & Sergey Brin have impacted the world in a huge way!!!"