“Maher represents hard work, determination, and the American dream.”

C.C. Alexander II Founder

With the gas that he had remaining, he drove straight to San Diego and parked at the beach. Little did he realize, this would be his home for the next eight months. Maher always believed in doing his best! Maher came out of his car everyday looking like a million dollars. He believed presentation was everything, so he made sure to always have a clean shaved face and fresh clothes. Upon viewing him, you would never even imagine that he was homeless. He never asked anyone for a single penny or mentioned that he was homeless. Maher sold himself as a businessman and finally received a job offer as a dishwasher.

After work one day he noticed a bank's credit card promotion. Maher got a credit card and adopted the ideology of buying low and selling high. He used $1,200 from the credit card. An entrepreneur at heart, Maher was able to create an exceptional business. He started by buying and selling handbags at the swap meet. Within one year, Maher found himself in the car business buying and selling used automobiles. Maher told himself he would stop at nothing until he was number one in San Diego. Specializing in exotic cars, Babelli Motorcar Company became number one. Being the true entrepreneur that he is, Maher is now involved in a wide-variety of businesses including cars.

Maher met C.C. Alexander II as a client in July of 2008. Since then, they have become life-long friends. Maher says it best, "In a world of divide, it's important to bring people together. Hard work and determination in this great country has allowed me to follow the American dream. A4BET® believes working together works!" 

In 1967, a child by the name of Maher Babelli was born in Syria. He began working in his father's ice cream factory at 12 years of age. While working and going to school, Maher became obsessed with the idea of leaving his beloved hometown and starting a new life for himself. Maher would rush home every day to sit and read the few books that he had. His family thought he was studying for school, but actually he was searching for a way out of Syria and into America, the land of opportunity.

Out of his four older siblings, Maher was lucky enough to be granted a visa in 1988. Without any hesitation, he scraped together all the money that he had saved from working at his father's factory and purchased a one-way ticket to California. Landing at LAX Airport in Los Angeles, Maher felt he had accomplished his life-long goal. Little did he know at the time, his struggle had just begun. Homeless with only a few hundred dollars to his name, going back to Syria was not an option. With his entire life savings, he decided to purchase a car. This car became his home.